Everything There is to Know About Almost Heaven Saunas

Almost Heaven Saunas specializes in crafting authentic, high-quality saunas that offer an exceptional sauna experience. Whether powered by electricity or wood, their saunas provide both "dry" and "wet" sauna options through controlled heating and steam generation using hot rocks and water.

Distinguished by their commitment to traditional construction methods, Almost Heaven Saunas exclusively uses solid lumber, specifically Western red cedar, known for its texture, color, aroma, and insulation properties. This wood's porous nature and thick staves ensure remarkable energy efficiency, making their indoor and outdoor saunas outstanding examples of craftsmanship. Hand-built in West Virginia, these saunas are designed to endure varying weather conditions and temperature fluctuations while delivering unwavering quality and performance.

 Every Few Weeks 

-Dust, sweep and/or dust interior. 

-Wipe down benches and any areas where that may have been touched. You can use a towel with some warm water. 

-Clean any glass. 


For all traditional saunas:

-Remove the stones from the heater cavity and check for any cracks. Replace the stones as needed.

-Use a hand vacuum on the heater cavity to remove any dust, debris, or small chipped stones.

-Rinse the sauna stones and thoroughly dry them before returning them to the heater cavity.

-Use fine-grit sandpaper on any tough stains.

For all outdoor saunas:

-Use a low-pressure wash on the exterior of the sauna to return it to its original coloring.

-If you stained the exterior, check for any weathered spots and patch up as needed.

-Check the barrel sauna band tension. If it is loose, check for any gaps in the staves and use filler staves to create a tight seal.