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Manufacturer's Wood Burning Heater Manual

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 Almost Heaven The Wall Heater Guide

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Almost Heaven Wood Burning Heater for Barrel Sauna Guide

Manufacturer's Legend Heater Manual

Almost Heaven KIP Guide

Care & Maintenance

Almost Heaven Saunas

Your sauna is a long-term investment; with the proper care and maintenance, it will last upwards of 20 years. Here are our recommendations to ensure that every sauna feels like the first one:  

Every Few Weeks:

-Wipe down the benches with a towel, and use warm water when necessary.

-Vacuum, sweep, or dust the interior.

-Clean any glass.


For all traditional saunas:

-Remove the stones from the heater cavity and check for any cracks. Replace the stones as needed.

-Use a hand vacuum on the heater cavity to remove any dust, debris, or small chipped stones.

-Rinse the sauna stones and thoroughly dry them before returning them to the heater cavity.

-Use fine-grit sandpaper on any tough stains.

Specifics to Outdoor Saunas:

-Use a low-pressure wash on the exterior of the sauna to return it to its original coloring.

-If you stained the exterior, check for any weathered spots and patch up as needed.

-Check the barrel sauna band tension. If it is loose, check for any gaps in the staves and use filler staves to create a tight seal.