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Almost Heaven Saunas

Almost Heaven Huntington 4-6 Person Canopy Barrel Sauna-Hemfir

Almost Heaven Huntington 4-6 Person Canopy Barrel Sauna-Hemfir

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The Huntington offers a well-rounded traditional sauna experience: plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the sauna heat, plus two exterior benches to cool off. Due to the canopy design, seven feet of the 8-foot-long sauna are reserved for the sauna room, while the exterior benches take up the remaining foot. The sauna space has room for up to 6 people to enjoy temperatures of 180ºF. The Harvia 8kW electric heater can start right away, or you can delay the start time up to eight hours—go about your day or go to sleep and the sauna will be hot when you are ready to get in!


Note: Due to the size of the Huntington, specialized shipping is required. Please anticipate this shipping anywhere from 3-6 weeks from the date of order.


  • Capacity: holds between four and six people
  • Heater size: 8kW, 240V, 40-amp electrical requirement, hardwire connect
  • Lighting electrical: 110V, 15-amp service, plug-in connect
  • Assembled size: 72″W x 95″D x 75 - 3/8″H
  • Interior room size: 71″W x 75″D x 69 - 1/8″H
  • Interior bench dimensions: 18″W x 75″L x 17″H
  • Canopy porch size: 71″W x 12″D x 71″H
  • Exterior bench dimensions: 18″W x 12″L x 25″H
  • Cradle dimensions 54" x 6
  • Shipping weight: 915 lbs
  • Shipping size: 96″L x 41″W x 52″H
  • Note: All dimensions are approximate


  • Ball-and-socket lumber: 1-3/8″ thick
  • Any glass features are tempered 
  • Stainless steel bands, hinges, heater and fasteners
  • Interior LED light
  • Sauna stones included
  • Weather-resistant plastic support cradles
  • Two opposite-facing benches for sitting or reclining
  • Two exterior opposite-facing benches
  • Indoor or outdoor usage
  • Hand-crafted lumber profiles and end sections
  • Best-in-class electric heater & sauna stones
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the sauna room; 5-year limited lifetime warranty on the heater and its components, with a 1-year warranty on the heating elements (coils)
    • Made in the USA

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